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  • Human Rights

    Cherie is compelled to stand purposefully to confront and interrupt the violence, oppression, abuse, disrespect, and discrimination that threatens Idaho citizens and our communities. In addition to pressing for “gender identity and sexual orientation” to be added to the Idaho Human Rights Act, she will continue to use her voice to end the collusion of silence and the complacence that allows the “isms” that permeate our state to flourish. She is a proud and compassionate Idahoan who is a strong advocate for justice – for all.

  • Education

    Cherie will continue to take purposeful action on recommendations from the Governor’s Task Force for Improving Education in order to pave the way for a solid future for Idaho students. She will work diligently to meet our commitment to our children, teachers, and schools to restore funding beyond 2009 levels attained last legislative session. Cherie firmly believes we must make education a priority fund it appropriately, and give local districts the latitude to make decision that are best for their needs.

  • Economy

    Cherie believes Idaho must invest wisely in the growth and development of our economy, giving attention to infrastructure, incentives and local option opportunities. Am economy prospers when principles of equity, inclusion and diversity are developed and maintained. Idaho must courageously confront and interrupt discrimination and violence based on religion, national origin, and sexual orientation and gender identity in to appeal to a global business community. Further Cherie believes we must ensure that those who do equal work receive equal pay an create an environment where all Idahoan can earn a living wage.

  • Environment

    Our natural environment represents not only an integral part of our way of life in Idaho, but also an important economic stimulus that must be protected, cherished and conserved. Our public lands must be sustained and preserved for future generations. We must not let special interest harm our economy or dismantle this rich legacy. Further, we must consider the wholeness of Idaho’s environment for our citizens and give priority to quality of life issues in ensuring that all have access to affordable health care.

  • Balance

    Cherie believes strongly in the need for balance in the Idaho State Legislature. Government operates most effectively when balance, transparency, honesty and integrity are evident. She believes government must represent and be responsive to the will of the people. Openness, compromise, and accountability are the hallmark of her service to the citizens of Idaho.
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Cherie Buckner-Webb

A Voice For Idaho

In a difficult economic climate Cherie Buckner-Webb chose to effect change in a new arena by running for public office in 2010. Her life-long influence in the community made possible an energetic campaign supported by a wide variety of talented and committed citizens. Elected to the Idaho House of Representatives in 2010 and the Idaho Senate 2012 serving until 2020 when she chose not to run for reelection. Cherie’s message in the Statehouse reflects the same collaborative and visionary goals she emphasizes in her life and work. Cherie, Senate Assistant Minority Leader, serves on the Transportation, Education and State Affairs Standing Committees as well as the Capitol Services, Legislative Council, Idaho Council on Indian Affairs and Foster Care Study Committee.

Color of Conscience

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