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August 30, 2016


  • Governor Cecil D. Andrus
  • Idaho Attorney General Tony Park
  • Gail Chaloupka
  • Senator Betsy Dunklin
  • Senator Mike Burkett
  • Senator Gail Bray
  • Senator Sue Reents
  • Henry Reents
  • Representative Anne Pasley Stuart
  • Thomas Stuart
  • Senator Nicole LeFavour
  • Rep. Wendy Jacquet
  • Representative Brian Cronin
  • Representative Elfreda Higgins
  • Mayor David Bieter
  • Yvonne McCoy & Garry Wenske
  • Yasmin Aguilar
  • Marilyn Shuler
  • Laurie and John Greenfield
  • Jerry Brady
  • John and Susan Sahlberg
  • John Bertram
  • Troy Rohn, PhD.
  • Brad and TJ Goodsell
  • Valerie Dickerson
  • Arthur "Skip" and Esther Oppeheimer
  • Doug Oppenheimer
  • Ernie and Nancy Lemas
  • Kevin Learned and Amy Stahl
  • Julie Number Smith and Chuck Smith
  • Kelly and Marilyn Bickle
  • Richard and Lisa Ulhmann
  • Scott &Lauren McLean
  • Ed & Martha Keener
  • James and Rachell McColly
  • Dr. Mamie O. Oliver
  • Tracy Andrus
  • Rebecca Suits
  • Delmar Stone
  • Don and Susan Curtis
  • Dr. David and Mary Peterman
  • Cindy Gross
  • Mike Silva & Rosemarie Casper
  • Karen Gowland
  • Elizabeth Congdon
  • Quinn Pritchard
  • Warner and Grace Terrell
  • Susan Eastlake
  • Jeff Fereday and Kay Hummel
  • Stephanie Wilde & Lane Bune
  • Diane Ronayne& Gary Richardson
  • Cynthia Brownsmith, PhD.
  • Dr. Patrick and Jolene Schow
  • Johnathan and Beth Oppenheimer
  • Representative Holli Woodings
  • Ryan Woodings
  • Jonathan and Beth Oppenheimer
  • Jim and Monica Walker
  • Kelly and Marilyn Bickle
  • George and Bev Harad
  • A.J. and Susie Balukoff
  • Karen Meyer


Governor Cecil D. Andrus

“There is no question that Cherie Buckner-Webb is an outstanding legislator. Her time in both the Idaho House and Senate is indicative of her profound ability to speak up for the values of Idahoans. Her voice and leadership will continue to bring much-needed balance and conscience to the Senate.”


Mayor David Bieter

City of Boise

"A vote is an expression of trust -- and no one is more worthy of our vote, and our trust, than Cherie Buckner-Webb. Her passion for Idaho is unmatched, and her knowledge, experience and commitment are exactly what our state needs at this critical moment in our history. With Cherie in the Idaho Senate, we’ll have a true champion for the people.”


Curtis Stigers

International Jazz Artist

“Thank you for continuing to represent me, and the rest of your constituents, so ably, tirelessly and passionately, Cherie. We’re very lucky to have you.”


Lauren McLean

Boise City Council

"I wholeheartedly support Cherie Buckner Webb and urge my neighbors to do so as well. In addition to being great for our district, Cherie is a strong leader on issues of importance to Boise City - from support for transportation, incentives to build well-paying jobs, and protecting our clean air and clean water for future generations."


  • Idaho AGC (Associated General Contractors)
  • Boise Central Trades and Labor Council
  • Communications Workers of America
  • Conservation Voters of Idaho
  • General Teamsters, Warehousemen and Helpers Union
  • Local No. 483
  • Idaho Education Association
  • Idaho State AFL-CIO
  • Idaho Public Employees Association
  • National Association of Social Workers
  • Professional Firefighters of Idaho
  • Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest and Hawaii

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