Friday July 25, 2014

Cherie Buckner-Webb is an Idaho native, long time resident of District 19, an accomplished business professional, community volunteer and activist who currently serves in the Idaho House of Representatives. Cherie is the right person to represent the district in the Senate. The breadth of her experience and accomplishments are a testament to her commitment to accountable leadership, transparency and collaboration. She will use her voice in the Idaho Senate to advocate vigorously for:

•    Education Funding and Leadership
•    Economic Development and Job Creation
•    Equality and Human Rights
•    Ethics in Government
•    Environmental Stewardship and Energy Independence


Some of you may know Cherie from any of a number of areas: as a business woman, a community activist, a speaker, a coach, trainer, or as a gospel and jazz vocalist. In every endeavor she uses her voice to make a difference  to touch, inspire, motivate, and heal. Now Cherie is bringing those talents to political life.

Why is Cherie Running for the Senate?

Because she has heard and answered the call to action, yet again. She is compelled to run, committed to making a contribution, empowered by a vision for the future; a vision not only for the next generation, but rather for seven generations to come. She stands ready to move forward with purpose to address the issues before us today laying a firm foundation for the Idaho of tomorrow.





Send contributions to:

Cherie Buckner-Webb
Senate D-19 Campaign
P.O. Box 9813
Boise, ID 83707

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